New Spaceship Delay version online !

I have just updated Spaceship Delay on KVR audio. You can get the new version here : Spaceship Delay 1.0.2

In the new version, I have solved a few bugs, and I have changed a little the way you can install it, to answer some user calls. Now, you can just put the data folder in the same place than the plug-in itself, so it will be easier to start playing with it for newcomers.

I’d like also to recall that Spaceship Delay has now a few presets, and a tutoriel system I’m very proud of, with tips and tricks embedded in the application, available from the “about tab” by clicking on Spaceship Delay logo. It looks like this :

Spaceship Delay Screenshot

Finally, I would like to show you if you have not heard it yet the audio demos I did for Spaceship Delay. It was funny for me to do a jazz/blues cover in dub style, knowing that I’m more into rock/metal songs in general !

I hope you’ll enjoy Spaceship Delay, and again, if you are a KVR forum member, don’t hesitate to vote for me if you like the plug-in !

Written on December 8, 2016