My other contributions to KVR Developer Challenges

In this new post, I’m going to talk a little about the things I did in the past.

I choose the brand name Musical Entropy 4 years ago when I release Inspiration, my take on the concept of Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies ported into a standalone application and inspired by some of my lectures from that time. It was for KVR Developer Challenge 2012, and I think I helped a few people with it to find ways to fight the blank page syndrom. I really loved at this time to start creating things on my own and releasing them.

Inspiration Screenshot

Two years later, it was Guitar Gadgets, a VST/AU plug-in which was a compilation of “fake analog pedals”, a way to present a few audio effects algorithms put together in the same place, and which could be very interesting for guitarists. I was designed for KVR Developer Challenge 2014, and I updated it a few times after the end of the contest. From time to time, I can see that some people are still using it, and I’m very happy about that.

Guitar Gadgets Screenshot

When I created it, I had just started to be a freelance developer, after having worked with the company Two Notes on the Torpedo product line for a couple of years. Today, I’m still working with them from time to time, and with a few other companies (I’ve made some contributions to Sonic Academy Kick 2 or TSE X50 for example). I’ll probably release more personal stuff next year !

Written on December 6, 2016