JUCE 5.1 DSP module

In July 2017, I did work again for ROLI and the JUCE team, to improve the SDK I use all the time to develop multi-platform audio applications and plug-ins, and to provide some DSP code that has been included since in the so-called DSP module.

I even spent one week in FXpansion headquarters to work in a hellish but fun pace ! And I had a great time hanging out with the JUCE + FXpansion guys. Basically, I provided some code to help JUCE users writing plug-ins who need a convolution engine, filter design and processing functions, oversampling, some fast approximation of functions…

I have written this blog message today because recently I have create a few topics on the JUCE forum related with my work, and I wanted to post links to them there :

Otherwise, I’ll be again at ADC 17 this year in London, presenting a talk called Fifty Shades of Distortion (which will be on Youtube a few weeks later), and I’ll update Spaceship Delay when I’m back with a few improvements + new functionalities !

Written on October 31, 2017